CPA Fast-Track

cpa-ireland---certified-public-accountantsCPA Fast-Track Programme- Online
The CPA Fast-track programme is available to Accounting Technicians Ireland students who have passed Advanced Financial Accounting and Advanced Taxation from May 2009 onwards.
Accounting Technician Students who have passed these subjects in year two of Accounting Technicians Ireland are eligible to progress directly into Formation 2 (F2) level of the CPA qualification and are  eligible for exemptions from

  • Taxation
  • Financial Accounting

Students would then only have to take Management Accounting and Information Systems to complete F2.

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Introduction to Web Design

Our Cenit College night time course provides an introductory knowledge of web design and development.

The learner will learn the technologies of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) for creating the structure of a website as well as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which provides beautiful styling expected of modern internet.

Starts Wed 13th Feb 2014

Designing and developing websites calls for many different disciplines including: programming, design and a passion for graphics and colour. This night course opens up potential opportunities for many different people who are interested in a career in web development.

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